I'll Be There For You | A Jemi Love Story- Episode 80



26 Jan 2016



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Title : I'll Be There For You | A Jemi Love Story- Episode 80
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I'll Be There For You | A Jemi Love Story- Episode 80, --------------------------------------------------
“Dad are you and mom having any more babies after this one?” Elliot asked as they all helped in making Demi some breakfast. Elliot still did some acting jobs every so often but he also liked to bake with Demi when they all weren’t touring. Demi’s dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher soon changed into her being on tour and home schooling the small number of children who came with them. The whole families toured with the band when they went and Demi’s job was to still give the children an education. She enjoyed it as much as she used to enjoy her old job so didn’t have a problem at all.
“It’s not something we’ve discussed, would want another brother or sister?” Joe asked watching as Elliot whisked a couple of eggs together to make an omelette, Demi taught him how to bake and he picked up on watching her doing many things.
“I don’t know, I only asked because there isn’t another spare bedroom.” Joe chuckled slightly sticking the frying pan on the heat to heat it up before the liquid went in.
“I give my bedroom to new baby!” Mason demanded.
“You can’t! It’s my bedroom too!” Elliot answered.
“Boys it’s okay,” Joe begun. “Your sister has a room and there isn’t another baby yet and there may not be one, nobody has to give up anything. Just focus on now okay?” The two boys nodded their heads laughing as Joe poured the whisked-up egg into the pan it making a sizzling noise. “Now what filling do you think mommy will want?” Joe watched as Elliot wandered over to the fridge grabbing some things he knew his mom would like.

“Daddy where we going?” Mason whined as he watched his dad rush around trying to find some shoes for him to put on. He wanted to get it done quick so he could be back with Demi, helping her through her contractions.
“Your baby sister is on her way; auntie Alexa is on her way to pick you and Elliot up. You’ll be staying over there tonight most likely.” Joe explained trying not to panic in front of his son, he didn’t want him to think anything was wrong because although Demi would be in a lot of pain it would be worth it when their daughter was here. Their sons couldn’t see their mother in too much pain, it scared Joe never mind her sons.
“Why can’t me be there to meet baby sister?” Mason mumbled.
“You’ll understand when you’re older alright?” Joe replied Mason hesitating but nodding his head watching as Joe opened the door revealing Alexa.
“Hey how is she doing?” Alexa asked as she entered the house ready to help him collect Elliot and Mason’s things to take them back to her house.
“She’s coping, she keeps telling me she’s fine because she’s done it twice already.” Joe rolled his eyes a little bit making her laugh greeting Elliot as he came down the stairs with his bag.
“Every birth is different though, Molly and Beth’s was totally different to Keaton’s.” Alexa stated picking up Mason’s bag.
“Don’t tell her that.” Joe warmed making her laugh again.
“I’ll take these bags to the car whilst the boys say bye to their mom.” She stated leaving with the bags. Joe peered into the living room where Demi was on the couch.
“You okay to say goodbye to the boys?” Joe asked.
“Yeah a contraction just ended.” She breathed smiling as Joe entered their two boys not far behind him Mason running over to her.
“Mommy doesn’t have to do this.” Mason mumbled as he hugged his mom Demi wrapping one arm around him rubbing his back gently.
“I’ll be fine Mason alright? Next time you see mommy and daddy your little sister will be here!” Demi praised, she knew he would have picked up on what was going on.
“Does it hurt?” Elliot asked.

“Yes,” Demi breathed not wanting to lie to him. “But it’s a good pain alright? Mommy will be fine, now give me kisses.” Demi demanded kissing both her son’s goodbye before they both left with Alexa. Joe sat back down on the couch with her letting her lean on him as he wrapped his arm around her rubbing her back.
“You okay?” Joe asked Demi nodding her head as he wiped away her tears.
“It’s just gonna be hard not seeing them for however long, their little sister will be here by then.” Demi breathed again feeling relaxed being so close to him.
“Everything will be okay.” Joe assured her kissing her gently leaving his lips there longer than needed.
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