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12 Feb 2011



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Title : I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 100 Yayy!!!
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I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 100 Yayy!!!, YAYY!!!! EPISODE 100!!! Nothing special though...ha ha ENJOY!!!

Episode 100

DM: Even though she could use her sleep you can wake her up.

Sandra: Are you sure? -Demi's mom nodded her head. Sandra bent down still stroking her head.- Demi. Demi.

Demi slightly moved her head she looked up.

Demi: Sandra? -Demi slightly moved up pulling Sandra into a hug with her free hand.- I am so happy to see you. I missed you a lot.

Sandra: I know sweetie. I have missed you too.

They pulled out of the hug.

Sandra: You are just as gorgeous from when you left. And your mom told me about Gracie and Joe. And I wasn't expecting that at all.

Demi: Yeah -Demi smiled.- Is that all she told you about?

Sandra: Yeah...why what else is there?

Demi: Don't worry you will see.

Sandra: -She looked at her confused.- Ok. So how do you like Florida?

Demi: It's good, It's soo hot though I wish it was like more of a fall weather here down there.

Sandra had sat down across from Demi on the love seat. Demi wasn't going to tell her she was pregnant she was just going to wait till she had to get up for her to for herself.

Sandra: Yeah it is hot there.

Demi: Is Suri here?

Sandra: Yeah, she went to go jump on you but your mom caught her. Then your mom walked out of the room maybe to get her a lollipop or something.

Demi: Aww I miss that cutie pie.

Sandra: Yeah, she has been waiting to see you.

Demi: Really?

Sandra: Yeah.

Demi: I miss her, I am going to go say hi. -Demi sat up Gracie was still asleep on her lap.- You saw my babygirl right?

Sandra: Yeah she is adorable.

Demi: Thank you. -Demi gave Gracie a kiss on the cheek. She then placed her feet on the ground and looked to Sandra before standing up.- Ok this the only thing my mom didn't tell you.

Sandra: What?!?

Demi stood up removing the blank with her back towards Sandra. She laid Gracie down on the chair without waking her up.

Demi: Ok are you ready?

Sandra: Ready fo- Demi turned around facing Sandra. Sandra looked at her then to her round shaped stomach in disbelief.- Oh. My. Gosh. Demi. Your -she pointed to her stomach.- oh my gosh. Your pregnant.

Demi: Yeahhhh. That's the last surprise though I promise.

Sandra: I hope. -She slowly got off the couch and pulled Demi into a hug.- I had no idea. I would have got you something nice.

Demi: No, Sandra it is fine. It's just awesome you being here.

They pulled out of the hug and Sandra placed her hand on Demi's stomach.

Sandra: Boy girl?

Demi: We are keeping it a surprise.

Sandra: We?

Demi: Yeah, Joe and I.

Sandra: Oh is he the father.

Demi: Yeah he is.

Sandra: Ok, I am glad he is still around. -Sandra lightly moved her hand around Demi's stomach.- How much longer?

Demi: December. I hope the baby comes before Christmas, but I guess I will have to wait and see.

Sandra: Ok, I want you to say hi Suri.

Demi: Right, I will go do that now. -Sandra gave Demi's stomach one last rub. Demi walked into the kitchen.- Suri.

Suri turned around running to Demi. Demi got down on her knee's embracing Suri in a hug.

Suri: Demi I missed you.


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