I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 191



19 Mar 2012



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I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 191, LOOK WHO IS UPLOADINGG? :D I have been writing and it is really awesome. I have 2 other stories up my sleeve and I am writing the next episode in It Takes Two to Tango. So look out for that. But for now enjoy this. ;)

Episode 191

They pulled into the driveway and Joe looked over to see everyone asleep. He smiled and pulled his phone out to take a picture. Once he got a picture he went to the door and unlocked it. Then went to the car and got Tensley. As he brought her into the empty house in the carrier, he took her out giving her a soft kiss and laying her in the crib. He turned the baby monitor on and clipped the other one to his pants. Then headed outside to get Gracie who was snoring which made him chuckle. He unbuckled her from the car seat. "Gracie, let's go put you in bed." He whispered and picked her up letting her head rest on his shoulder. "I don't want to." She mumbled in his ear. He chuckled and walked into her room. He took her shoes off and changed her into pajamas. Then tucked her in. He last went back out to Demi and lightly woke her up. "Baby come on, were home." Demi mumbled and reached for Joe. He chuckled and helped her out. "Time for you to go to bed too." He shut all the doors and locked up the car and helped Demi into the house. He shut the door and locked that up also. Once he got Demi to the room he laid her on the bed and she yawned. She was a tiny bit awake and took her shoes off and her pants off then just climbed in bed. Joe gently kissed her and lightly shut the door as he left. "The house to myself, sort of." He said and chuckled. He sat on the couch and turned the tv on. As he started flipping through channels he heard Tensley crying through the monitor. He undid it from his pants and went to the nursery. He stood at the crib. "Oh baby, what's the crying for?" He said and picked her up. "You want to watch some tv with daddy?" He walked to back to the couch and sat down. He grabbed the soft blanket and wrapped it around Tensley and gently rocked her as he watched tv.

Joe looked down and saw Tensley fast asleep and he was getting tired, so he put her back in the crib and joined Demi in bed.

A few days later, they were back to their normal routine and Joe was back to work, and Gracie back to school. Demi had gone swimming in the pool after she put Tesnley down for a nap. Demi had been feeling homesick, really missing Jersey. Once she was done in the pool, she dried off and got dressed tying her hair back. She got Tensley in the stroller and headed to her grandma's house. She knocked on the door and then opened it and pushing he stroller in the door. "Grandma!"

Her grandma walked out with a smile, and hugged Demi tight and then went over and unstrapped Tensley. "How are you Dems?" Demi shrugged and sat on the couch. "I really miss Jersey and my parents and sister." Her grandma looked up at her and sat down next to her. "What are you trying to say?" Her grandma asked confused.


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