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29 Jan 2011



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I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 65 Mm 5/5, You guys will LOVE me after this. Anyway last one in the marathon :( But ENJOY IT!!

Episode 65

Demi nodded her head and lifted Gracie to her chest and walking into her room. I stood up walking to my car. I pulled out my keys and popped the trunk open. I grabbed my suitcase and unzipped it. I pulled out the little red velvet box from the side. I opened glancing at the little diamond ring. My great aunt had for a while and she never did anything with it. My mom and family agreed that I could have it to give to Demi. Tonight was the night. I slipped it into my pocket walking back in the house. Demi was back sitting where we were before. I sat down next to her.

Joe: Demi, -she turned to look at me, smiling- These past three weeks I realized something.

Demi: What was that?

Joe: That you are an amazing person and an amazing mom. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have you. These three weeks have been awful and I realized I don't ever want to be away from you. It's too hard not seeing you every day. And I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. And have 20 kids with you. And grow old with you. Be in the grave next to you. So Demetria Lovato --I got off the couch pulling the ring out of my pocket. I got down on one knee. I opened the little box so she could see the ring.- Please marry me?

I smiled as her face turned into a giant smile and tears streaming down her face.

Demi: -she nodded her head and whispered- Yes.

I pulled the ring from the box and Demi put her hand out. I slipped the ring on her finger. Perfect fit. I stood up pulling her close to my body and giving her a kiss.

Demi: I love you sooooo much.

Joe: I know. I love you so much too.

I rubbed her back as we stood there.

Demi: I can now say fiancé, no more boyfriend.

I smiled as Demi giggled.

Joe: Yes, are you happy?

Demi: I am so happy!! And you have to give credit to yourself too. You are one amazing guy.

Joe: Well thank you. And I know I proposed to you here but I have a great idea for a dinner. Are you going to be busy tomorrow night?

Demi: I am not busy, unless my grandma can't babysit for me.

Joe: Well if not Gracie can always come with us.

Demi: Ok, so we are on for tomorrow night.

Joe: Yes we are! -I leaned close and gave her a kiss.- But for right now it's time for you to go to bed. -We walked to the door. I gave her a hug and kissed her forehead. I put my hand on her stomach rubbing in a circular motion.- You don't give mommy a hard time tonight, Ok?

I heard Demi giggling. I looked up and gave her a kiss.

Joe: Goodnight babe, I love you!

Demi: Goodnight I love you more!

I left her house walking to mine leaving my car were it was. I am planning our dinner for tomorrow. I am going to do a picnic in the spot where we met at the park. It was right in front of the lake. I will order something good and put it in a basket. I will put a nice blanket down. Maybe I will even re-propose to make it better. I walked into my house. I walked up the stairs everyone was already asleep. I went in my room changing my pants. I got in bed laying my head down on the pillow. I fell asleep with a smile on my face as Demi probably did too.

-Next day.-

I was on my way to pick up food from one of Demi's favorite restaurants. I asked them to box everything for me. I got her a steak quesadilla she loved those soo very much. I got myself baked ziti. I got to the restaurant paying for the food. I walked out and put the boxes in the picnic basket I got just for tonight. I brought my own silver ware placing them on top of the boxes. I told Demi to just dress casual, I want her to be comfortable. I placed napkins in the basket and closed the top. The blanket was lying next to it. I got into the driver's seat. I was going to pick up Demi. Her grandma said she would watch Gracie while we were out.

I pulled up to her house. The car smelled delicious from our food. I got out walking to the door. I opened it up and walked in. Gracie came running to me.

Gracie: Hey daddy!

I picked her giving her a kiss.

Joe: Hey peanut. Is your mommy ready for tonight?

Gracie: Yes, she looks really pretty.

I have decided that Gracie is peanut and the baby is squirt. My nicknames to them. I walked to the shut door of Demi's room knocking on it still carrying Gracie. The door knob twisted and the door opened. I put Gracie down staring at Demi. She was wearing the dress she bought at Macy's the day I was with her. She looked stunning. She had her make-up perfect. And her hair was to the side. I just stared for a while then pulled her to me.

Joe: You look gorgeous.

Demi: Thank you Mr. Handsome.

I gave her a passionate kiss and then we left for the park.

BTW I am SOOO HAPPY that Demi is out of treatment...

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