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04 Feb 2011



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I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 75, My 81st video....ENJOY!!

Episode 75

Demi: Thanks Emily, you don't know how much I have missed you guys.

The door suddenly opened and everyone looked including Gracie. Selena popped her head in.

Selena: Hey girls, I don't know if Demi told you but she is having twins.

Demi's mouth dropped to an O as Selena left and shut the door. All of the other girls made an O too. And stared at Demi.

Demi: I am not having twins but she doesn't believe me.

Taylor: Oh ok she scared me for a minute.

Tiffany: You're positive you're not having twins?

Demi: Yes, I am positive. I have been to the doctors for the past 5 months. There is only one.

All of the girls at once said ok. Demi giggled at all of them.

Demi: What should we do? I want something fun that I can do. Or we could just watch a movie.

Miley: Yeah let's watch the sisterhood of the traveling pants. They all went to the big TV in Demi's family room. Nobody was in there. All the girls filled the couches.

Demi: I will get potato chips and stuff.

Miley: No!! Demi sit now!!

Miley pointed to the chair and Demi sat back down. Gracie got scared and ran to Demi. Demi put Gracie on her lap.

Ashley: Demi does it feel weird to be a mom already?

Demi: Umm sort of, but I would never change my life right now.

Ashley: Oh, that's sweet.

Demi looked down at Gracie who was on her lap. She smiled, Gracie was talking to her stomach. She kissed it rubbed it a little. Demi looked up and everyone was looking at Gracie with a smile. Gracie looked to Demi and made a cute face. Demi pulled her into a hug.

Taylor: Demi that was adorable!!

Vanessa: I got such a cute picture. -Vanessa was always the one with the camera taking pictures. She had already got tons of pictures with Demi and Demi with everyone else. She even got a zoomed in one of Demi's stomach. She got tons of pictures of Demi and Gracie. They all got pictures together too.- Demi can I put these up on Facebook?

Demi: Yes, but please no bad ones.

Vanessa: I promise.

Miley soon came back with snacks from the kitchen. Selena came in and sat with them.

The movie was soon over and everyone left. The house was clean and Demi's mom had just gotten home. She sat down on the couch next to Demi. Demi was sitting cradling Gracie while she was sleeping. Demi was smiling down at Gracie while stroking her cheek. She gave her a kiss. Her mom began to talk and she looked up at her.

DM: Selena said something about twins. Why didn't you tell me?

Demi: Because it's not true, mom you were at my first ultrasound, and I have been to the doctor since. There is only one.

DM: Your right I was at your first one. Ok I was just confused that Selena was telling me and not you.

Demi: I would be freaking out if I was having twins. I don't know if I could handle two.

DM: Well you will be soon.

Demi: Yea but Gracie is older and she will be at school during the days.

Gracie had woken up when Demi said her name. Gracie got up and then put her chest against Demi's and fell asleep again. Demi rubbed her back as she looked back to her mom.

DM: Grandma told us how proud she was of you. We are very proud as well. You are doing a great job. And Joe is one lucky guy.


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