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07 Feb 2011



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Title : I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 85 Mm: 1/5
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I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 85 Mm: 1/5, 30 SUBBERS!!! HERE IS YOUR MARATHON!!!!
Episode 85

Gracie: No, I want to do what you are doing.

Demi giggled picking Gracie up and whispered in her ear so Selena couldn't hear.

Demi: Ask aunt Selly if she wants to play a game with us.

Gracie looked to Demi and smiled. She then looked to Selena.

Gracie: Aunt Selly do you want to play a game with us?

Selena: Yes, what game are we going to play?

Demi: How bout battleship? I haven't played that in so long.

Selena: I haven't played in forever either. I will go get it. We can just play in here.

Selena walked out getting the game. Demi sat down on the floor with Gracie on her lap.

Demi: How bout you aunt Selly play against me.

Gracie: Ok. -Gracie rubbed Demi's stomach while they were waiting for Selena.- Mommy is the baby doing good in your belly?

Demi: Yeah, the baby is doing great. Are you excited for your brother or sister?

Gracie: Yes!! I wish the baby would come out already.

Demi laughed and gave Gracie a kiss on the cheek Selena finally walked in with the game. She sat down on the floor. They opened the box Gracie sat on Selena's lap and they played battleship.
Demi won twice and Selena and Gracie one once. They together put everything away. Gracie did a big yawn on Selena's lap.

Demi: I think it's time to put my babygirl to bed.

Gracie: I am not tired.

Demi: Yes you are. Now come here.

Demi stood up she pulled the covers from her bed and put Gracie in bed she turned to Selena.

Demi: I will be right out; I am just going to make sure she goes to sleep.

Selena: Ok I will be in my room.

Selena walked out shutting the door. Demi turned the light off and lay in bed next to Gracie. Demi stroked Gracie's head somewhat singing to her. She stopped singing to hear Gracie's little snores. Demi kissed the top of Gracie's head and walked out of the room shutting the door. She walked to Selena's room walking to her bed.

Selena: That was really fast.

Demi: Yeah well she was tired.

Demi lay down next to Selena on the bed they were both facing each other laying on their sides. They were laughing and having a good time, like the good old days. After a while Demi glanced over at the clock.

Demi: Oh my it's almost 11. I should probably get to bed. I have had a long day.

Selena: Yeah, plus you got the dinner mom planned for tomorrow.

Demi: -sarcastically- Yay!! I am so excited.

Selena: Demi, it will be fine.

Demi: No it won't nobody knows about -she pointed to her stomach.- therefore it's going to be terrible.

Selena: Just relax just say you weren't ready to announce it at your graduation. Even though all of us knew.

Demi: Fine but I am still worried about what people are going to say.

Selena: Demi stop worrying about other people you will be fine.

Demi: Ok, thanks for the love sis.

Demi gave Selena a hug she walked out of her room and down the stairs. She saw Joe and her parents having a good laugh in the family room. She smiled at them making her way to her parents.

Demi: I am going to bed. I love you guys.

Demi hugged and kissed both her parents. She turned to Joe. Joe looked at her then to her parents.

Joe: Goodnight Mr and Mrs Lovato, I have to put my babies to bed...

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