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07 Feb 2011



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Title : I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 88 Mm: 4/5
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I Will Be There For You Jemi Episode 88 Mm: 4/5, Episode 88

Barry soon walked in the house. Demi's mom had already walked off and Selena was outside getting the stuff from Barb's car. Gracie was back on the couch watching Dora. Everybody else was in the kitchen. Demi's mom introduced Joe to Barb and Barry, telling them it was her fiancé.

Barb: She has a fiancé and a daughter; I am her grandma for goodness sake why don't I know any of this.

DM: She hasn't been ready to tell anybody. But that's why we are having the dinner.

After Dora was over Gracie went up stairs and Demi was out of the shower. She went into the room and Demi had her black dress on.

Gracie: Mommy you look pretty.

Demi was looking at herself in the mirror. She was standing sideways looking at her stomach.

Demi: Do you think my belly looks big?

Gracie: Mommy you look fine.

Demi: Thanks baby. I am all done let's go downstairs.

Demi didn't know that her grandparents were their already. She picked Gracie up walking down the stairs. She looked in the family room seeing nobody. She saw Selena walking in from outside carrying a cherry cheesecake.

Demi: Ooohhh, that looks great.

Selena: Back off it's for after dinner.

Selena walked past Demi into the kitchen and Demi followed. Barb and Barry turned around staring at Demi.

Barb: Oh my goodness she is pregnant.

Demi: Hi grandma.

Demi gave her a hug and Barb gave her a hug back. After Barb pulled out of the hug she looked to Demi's mom. And Demi went to hug Barry.

Barb: She is pregnant like what six months and you couldn't tell your own mother.

DM: Mom, I told you that she wasn't ready to tell anybody. That's why we're having the dinner.

Barb: She is only 18. And you are sending her off to Florida. And now she has a daughter and she is getting married.

DM: I can't help what goes on in Florida. But Demi is happy. Which makes me happy.

Barb: Well I am glad she is happy but I don't understand why you couldn't tell me.

Demi: Grandma I just wasn't comfortable telling anyone just yet. Don't blame it on my mom she only did what I asked her to do.

Barb: Ok, I just want to have a good day today.

Demi nodded her head and smiled. She turned to Joe.

Demi: Babe you should get ready and I am done in the shower.

With that Joe walked off.

-It was now 2:30 and Demi's cousin Christy arrived with her son. The baby is 2 months old. No one else had arrived yet. Demi was holding the baby on the couch while talking to her cousin. Gracie was with them.-

Gracie: Mommy is my little brother or sister going to be as small as him?

Demi: The baby will be even smaller.

Gracie: Oh ok.

Gracie sat back and Demi and Christy started talking.

Demi: He is so adorable. Where is Mark at? (Mark is her husband)

Christy: He had to work. But I am sure going to have to fill him in.

Demi: Yes, I think everyone is going to be surprised. I knew at my graduation, well actually I knew a month before graduation. I just didn't feel right telling yet.

Christy: Wait you were pregnant at your graduation? How far?

Demi: Yeah, I was like 2 months or over 2 months.

Christy: I can believe you kept that from us. -Demi laughed at she looked down to the baby. She gave the baby a kiss then handed him back to Christy. - So where did you meet Joe?

Demi: At the park. He thought I was one of his old friends. And he sat down next to me and started talking. It was funny and then he realized I wasn't his friend. And when it started getting dark, he walked me home. He only lives four houses down from my other grandma. And when we got to the house he knew my grandma and she told him about me. So he knew I was pregnant. And then I met him at the park everyday for a month or two and we just got really close.

Christy: Look at you, what about Gracie?

Demi: What about her?

Christy: Demi I know she is not yours. This is probably some joke or something.

Demi looked at Christy with tears forming in her eyes.

Demi: I can't believe you. Why would I play a joke like that?..

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